Introduction to the Inter Quality Assurance System – SGIQ

The concept of quality research and its international accreditation and recognition are the basis of the creation of the European Higher Education Area (EEES). In Spain, after several projects for the implementation of RISC evaluation and improvement of quality, the Organic Law 6/2001 d Universities established a body that has the task of contributing to the improvement of the quality of the higher education system through the RISC evaluation, certification and accreditation of teaching, teaching staff and institutions. Thus, the National Environmental Quality Assessment and Accreditation Agency (NECA), a body that has launched several guidance programmes in the design and implementation of quality assurance systems.

In view of this context, the management team of the CSM in Alicante assumes the firm and formal commitment to carrying out the diagnosis, design, verification, implementation and certification of the Inter Quality Assurance System. In this way, the CSMA supports its incorporation into the culture of quality and excellence. To this end, the Conservatory has the approval and approval of the RISEACV (Institut Superior de RISC Artistic Teachings de la Comunidad Valenciana), on which it depends organically. Similarly, the Valencian Agency for Environmental Assessment and Prospective Assessment (AVAP) is being co-operated to design and implement the corresponding assessment and quality plans.

Policy Targets

The Quality Policy and Goals, as well as the Manual of Procedures of the Inter Quality Assurance System (CSMA), are calculated in accordance with all the official qualifications we impose on our facilities:

  • Official Master of Arts in Interpretation and Music Research
    • Itineraries:
      • Classical Music
      • Romantic Music
      • Contemporary Music
  • Higher Music Studies
    • Specialities:
      • Composition
      • Interpretation: Canto, Guitar, Instruments of the Symphony Orchestra (IOS) and Piano
      • Musicology
      • Pedagogy

We therefore set out the following general guidelines for the achievement of the quality objectives, which are the CSMA QUALITY POLITICS:

  • Developing and ensuring that the CSMA Inter- Quality Assurance System is maintained efficiently and effectively, with regular checks and reviews in order to achieve a permanent commitment to the quality and continuous improvement of our teachings.
  • Continued examination of the subjective educational offer of the degrees we provide, with the goal that can be adapted to the demands and needs of the interested parties.
  • Awareness of the need for their active participation in the outreach plans for training activities and, at the same time, involving these groups in the promotion of training activities.
  • Support and contribute to the development of the continued training of teaching and research staff (PDI) as well as staff of management and services (PAS).
  • To express the satisfaction of each and every one of our interest groups by implementing an information gathering system in order, in so doing, to put forward proposals and actions for improvement.

In this context, we are establishing the following GENERAL QUALITY OBJECTIVES, which will be regularly reviewed for the continuous improvement of our training programmes:

  1. Securely ensure the quality of the training programs of the studies being taught at CSMA.
  2. To have the CSMA hosting system updated for students of new income, the guidance program and the tutorial procedure.
  3. Concrete with evidence the system of recruiting new students by disseminating the curriculum and performing communication tasks.
  4. Renew the content of both the teaching that is taught at CSMA and the educational project of external, artistic and pedagogical practices, adapting them to the training needs of students.
  5. Properly adjust, taking into account the student training demand, the temporality of the subjects.
  6. To keep up with and to show the procedures for abundant suggestions, complaints and complaints about the teaching-learning process and its evaluation.
  7. Support for all initiatives that favour the permanent formation of the EDI and the PAS.
  8. Optimising the services we provide to society on the basis of measuring, analysing and using learning outcomes, labour insertion and the degree of satisfaction of different interest groups, guaranteed by the documentary updating of the procedures.
  9. Ensuring periodic publication of information related to training programs, with the necessary mechanisms updated and documented.

Quality System

CSMA’s Internal Quality Assurance System (SGIQ) has the following documents:

Code Procedure Date Rev.
Listado de documentos en vigor 23/02/18 0
Listado de normativa externa en vigor  23/02/18 0
SGIC-P0-01 Sistema de Garantía Interno de Calidad del CSMA 17/05/17 0
SGIC-P0-02 Política y Objetivos de Calidad 17/05/17 0
SGIC-P1-01 Proceso para garantizar la calidad de los programas formativos 21/07/17 0
SGIC-P2-01 Proceso de definición de perfiles y admisión de estudiantes 13/10/17 0
SGIC-P2-02 Proceso de orientación al estudiante y desarrollo de la enseñanza 13/10/17 0
SGIC-P2-03 Proceso de gestión de la movilidad del estudiante 17/11/17 0
SGIC-P2-04 Proceso de gestión de prácticas externas, orientación profesional del estudiante y análisis de la inserción laboral de los egresados 17/11/17 0
SGIC-P2-05 Proceso de gestión de incidencias, reclamaciones y sugerencias en las actividades docentes, administrativas y de gestión del centro 17/11/17 0
SGIC-P3-01 Proceso de definición de política, captación, selección, evaluación, promoción y reconocimiento del personal académico 19/01/18 0
SGIC-P3-02 Proceso de formación del PDI 19/01/18 0
SGIC-P3-03 Proceso de definición de política, captación, selección, evaluación, promoción y reconocimiento del personal de administración y servicios (PAS) 19/01/18 0
SGIC-P4-01 Proceso de gestión de los recursos materiales y los servicios 19/01/18 0
SGIC-P5-01 Proceso de análisis de resultados. Dinámica para el establecimiento de acciones de mejora 23/02/18 0
SGIC-P6-01 Proceso para la publicación sobre titulaciones 23/02/18 0


Reglamento de derechos, deberes y normas de convivencia de la Comunidad Educativa del CSMA 13/12/17 0

Results Analysis

We are working on this. It will be available shortly.

Suggestions and complaints:

If you want to make a suggestion, indicate an issue, complaint or complaint, you can use the form below and submit it to the Secretariat of the CSMA: