Department of International Relations

Erasmus+ Mobility Programme

The Department of International Relations of the Superior Conservatory of Music of Alicante develops mainly the management of the mobility programs, both national and international in order to favor the mobility of students and teachers of the center. The aim is to contribute to the internationalization of musical studies and to the creation of the European Higher Education Area.

Erasmus Charte 2014-2020

What is the ERASMUS program?

The ERASMUS program is a mobility program organized by the EU to allow study at another European university or educational institution within a specified period of time and fully recognizing studies carried out abroad in the country of origin. The stays have a duration of between 3 and 9 months.

Requirements to participate

To be an active student of the CSM Alicante (currently enrolled in the center and expected to be also the next course)

Have passed and passed all the subjects of the 1st course

Submit the request within the deadline

Order in order of preference the centers you have chosen from among those found in the information sheet of centers with which the CSM Alicante has the possibility of collaboration. Present a copy of the application in the secretary of the center in the corresponding period next to the following documentation:

– In the case of students of Interpretation or Pedagogy of the Instrument: Recording of three fragments or different works. In mp3 or wav format. (They do not have to be very extensive as they should fit in an email, maximum 10 MB.

– Diplomas or documents proving your knowledge of languages.

Note: In the case that some students have made the previous steps to study with a certain teacher and this one has accepted it will have:

A) To notify the Erasmus coordinator of the CSM Alicante

B) Accept acceptance by the teacher in question by means of a letter of acceptance or by facilitating communication between the teacher in question and the Erasmus coordinator

List of countries and instituciones with agreement. (The information will be available shortly.)

For the allocation of places and the distribution of centers requested to study abroad, the scale that will be applied will be:

For students who practice the specialty of Instrument, singing or Pedagogy of singing or instrument:

– 50% to the academic record.

– 30% the grade of the instrument of the specialty or the weighted average of the grade of the subject of the instrument of the specialty.

– 10% to knowledge of languages ​​(English or the language of the country of destination)

– 10% other merits

In the specialties of Composition or Musicology:

– 60% to the academic record

– 10% to the tutor’s report.

– 20% to knowledge of languages ​​(English or the language of the country of destination)

– 10% other merits