Administrative Secretariat

Seminars / Workshops, Specific Workshop and Interpretation Seminar

Final Degree Project

Recognition and transfer of credits


Application for Official Academic Certificates

The certificate can be collected at the Secretariat of the Conservatory two business days after presenting the proof of payment of the corresponding fee.

In this link you can request the sending of the fee form (€ 25.46).

Request Higher Degree LOE

To apply for the title, you must complete the application form, print it out, sign it and deliver it in person or by regular mail to the Conservatory Secretariat along with the following documentation:

  • Photocopy of dni
  • Proof of payment of fees

In this link you can request the sending of the feed form (173,44€).

Copy of the Academic Record

It is requested through this link. The document is sent by email, is informative and lacks academic validity.